Comment Policy

Facebook makes available to users the possibility of exchanging opinions and posting comments on the content displayed on the Free Money Crypto-Paradise website.

This policy includes the conditions and terms that regulate the publication of comments on the website and to which users are obliged to use it.

User identification

Any user with an active account on the aforementioned social networks may identify and make public comments on the website.

It will not be possible to make comments or publications anonymously on the website, so that the user must be identified in accordance with the data provided in their registration.

Thus, the user will be solely responsible for the content displayed and references made in their published comments.

Comment content

Notwithstanding that Free Money Crypto-Paradise reserves the right to monitor or moderate the interactions of its users, they must comply with the following conditions provided here for publication.

In case of non-compliance with the aspects contained in this policy, Free Money Crypto-Paradise may withdraw and delete the user's comment considered inappropriate, without granting the user any right to compensation.

Comments and publications must be made in a clear and respectful language with the website and with the rest of the users. In any case, users agree to make comments related to the specific publication, in the form of relevant and substantiated contributions.

Free Money Crypto-Paradise informs users of those aspects that in no case will they be able to understand the comments made. In this way, comments not allowed will be understood as those that:

Deletion of comments and user blocking.

As provided in point 2 of this policy, Free Money Crypto-Paradise may proceed to the immediate withdrawal and deletion of those comments that violate any of the aspects listed here.

Likewise, in those cases in which repeated misuse of the platform by the user is detected, Free Money Crypto-Paradise may block the account of said user so that he / she cannot post any further comments on the web.

Responsibility before commenting.

The user agrees to respect the entire content of this Policy and to make appropriate use of the website and publish, in accordance with the detailed conditions, suitable and respectful comments with third parties and the website itself.

In any case, the user will be considered solely responsible for the content and references made in its publication, leaving Free Money Crypto-Paradise exonerated of any responsibility in this regard.

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