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Video-tutorial on how to create and use a crypto wallet, be it a web wallet, exe file or Android application, made by the YouTube channel CriptoExperto.

What are crypto wallets and what do you need to know about them?

These tools, also known as 'cryptowallets', allow the storage and exchange of cryptocurrencies, and are becoming increasingly relevant in the context of the rise of the 'crypto economy' driven by 'blockchain' technology. It is important to know their characteristics and differences, since not all have the same levels of security.

Desktop Wallet

As their name indicates, desktop wallets are wallets that work from the user's or investor's desktop, in this type of wallet the user has full control of it, being able to send and receive crypto assets quickly and easily.

Desktop wallets have a higher level of security when it comes to storing cryptos compared to a Mobile Wallet and an online wallet.

Still, investors should make sure to provide the highest level of security possible.

Desktop wallets are the best because they store bitcoins in offline mode, providing a high level of security.

Mobile wallets

Mobile wallets are wallets that can be downloaded and installed on mobile devices.

These types of wallets allow investors to access cryptocurrencies through mobile devices and carry out daily activities.

These wallets use the Internet and therefore users must protect them from security risks, taking into account cyber attacks and hacking attacks

Users can quickly scan the QR code from mobile wallets, being able to make payments, shipments and/or receipts of crypto assets, logins to online wallets or desktop wallets, among others.

Online Wallet

Online wallets are those that allow users to access the wallet through a browser.

One of the problems of online wallets is the high risk they contain when operating in online mode, being vulnerable to possible hacking attacks.

That is why it is always recommended to store small amounts of crypto assets within them.

Online wallets have a level of speed when operating or completing transactions compared to mobile wallets or desktop wallets.