Example of how Bitcoin Faucets work, basic example of FaucetPay. Video-tutorial made by the YouTube channel Melanesia Digital Advertisement.

¿What is a Bitcoin Faucet?

Cryptocurrency faucets or taps are a simple way for users to learn about cryptocurrencies. In this simple post we explain what they are, what they are for and we recommend some of them.

In its great and incredible development, Bitcoin has also introduced new terms and concepts to our language, which at first glance may seem somewhat confusing. Bitcoin Faucet is one of them, since in its Spanish translation it means “tap or source of Bitcoin”. In this article we will explain everything about this concept that is playing in the world of cryptocurrencies since practically its birth, and that you will surely find very striking.

Characteristics of a faucet.

¿How a Bitcoin faucet works?

The Bitcoin faucets all operate in practically the same way. Its operation is based mainly on solving simple tasks and participating in established activities. Thanks to these activities, bitcoins can be obtained periodically. For example, Bitcoin Faucet, the first faucet developed, allowed you to acquire 5 bitcoins every so often. Users only had to complete certain functions on the web to receive this reward.

However, each faucet can independently set how many cryptocurrencies it will award as a reward. And the time that must elapse for users to claim them.

For its part, to register on one of these websites you only have to enter your email address and the address of your wallet where you want to receive bitcoins. Most will also ask you to complete a captcha to confirm that you are not a robot. And once this process is completed, you can begin to perform the requested tasks to accumulate satoshis, which you can then transfer to your wallet.

However, although it seems an easy and simple process, remember that you will invest your time. So you must first analyze the conditions offered by each website to evaluate whether it will be worth it or not. You should also keep in mind that these pages deliver very small rewards. Hence its name of faucet or source.

Now, surely you have heard about the ability of faucets to generate a lot of money and at this point you ask yourself, Is it true? Well, we will answer this question below.