Excellent faucet page to earn cryptocurrencies by doing tasks provided by the website, investing your time wisely. Video-tutorial made by the YouTube channel, Brainy Techs & Ideas.

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FaucetPay: Main features.

Various cryptocurrencies

Our platform supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, DigiByte, and Tron. More coming soon.

Faucet list

Choose from our huge list of over 600 faucets to claim. We have a list of keys for each currency that we support.

Offerwall, surveys and tasks

Are you looking to generate significant income? Try our bargain wall where you can earn $ 10 and more every day.

Get paid for clicking Bitcoins

You can take some time and click on the advertisements available on our website to earn additional income.

Reward the affiliate program

Refer your friends, family and others to increase your monthly income many times over. Strengthen your earnings!

Throw the dice

Do you want to win big? Play our Multiply BTC - multiple cryptocurrency dice (gambling). Get up to 9,500 times!


Multiply your cryptocurrencies with our new game called Crashes. The multiplier grows every second and so do your earnings.


Spin the wheel on our website for up to 36x rewards. You can spin the roulette with more than 8 cryptocurrencies!

Exchange on the go.

We also have an exchange integration on our platform so you can convert your cryptocurrencies in seconds.

Faucet API

Looking to start your own faucet? Take advantage of the power of our robust faucet API to pay your users.

Advertise on FaucetPay

Get legitimate website visits from our users on FaucetPay that result in high-quality leads and conversions for your business.

If you want to register, click on the FaucetPay ads, or on the same name.

Note: You have to pass the captcha to go to the official faucet mining page.

FaucetPay: FAQ.

¿There is a minimum deposit in FaucetPay?

There is no minimum deposit on FaucetPay. However, be sure to send an amount greater than the minimum retransmission amount on the blockchain. To be safe, it is recommended to deposit at least $ 0.15.

Is there a charge for deposits?

There are no deposit fees at FaucetPay.

My deposit was not credited or received! Now what?

If your deposit was not credited to your account, please confirm if you sent it to the correct deposit address.

If you are sure the address is correct, scroll down the Deposit page and check if your deposit is there. Wait until you have the appropriate number of confirmations.

If you don't see your deposit transaction ID on the Deposits page, please contact us by clicking Contact Support. Be sure to mention the transaction ID in the message. Otherwise, we cannot track your missing deposit.

How to deposit Ethereum and Feyorra?

It is only possible to deposit Ethereum and Feyorra in FaucetPay with the help of MetaMask.

It is a cryptocurrency wallet that can be used in Chrome, Firefox, and Brave browsers. It is also a browser extension. This means that it works as a bridge between normal browsers and the Ethereum blockchain.

If you want to claim Ethereum from faucets, link an alternate Ethereum address (from a third-party wallet like Coinbase, MyEtherWallet, etc.) and use it to claim. You can also use your email address to claim from supported faucets.

What string do you use for Tether (USDT)?

We support Tether (USDT) on Tron (TRX), which is also known as TRC 20. It is similar to Ethereum's ERC 20, but the token is hosted on Tron Chain.

While most exchanges use Ethereum, but since we are a micro wallet, using Tron Chain helps us keep fees low and service cheaper for our users.

To deposit and withdraw USDTTRC20 (USDT hosted on Tron), you would need a Tron compatible wallet. Some of the examples include Tronlink, Coinomi. USDTTRC20 is also used by well-known exchanges such as Binance, Kucoin, SimpleSwap, and more.

¿I can deposit tokens in FaucetPay?

No, do not send tokens (unless otherwise specified) to deposit addresses, as you could lose them forever.

Recovering tokens is a time-consuming task that would require our developers to mine the tokens, so we have to charge a commission for it and not in all cases cover the value of the tokens sent.

If you want to go through that process, please create a ticket and provide an address where we can return your tokens. Our team will inform you of the recovery fee.

I want to make a deposit, what address should I use?

You can find your deposit addresses from FaucetPay in the Deposits section. Use these addresses if you want to make a deposit to your account or claim from a tap.

I copy the deposit addresses but another address appears, why?

This behavior is common when there is a virus or malware on the device, we recommend running an antivirus on your device.

Always check the first and last digits of the addresses before sending funds, the address you copy from the deposit section must be exactly the same as the one you paste immediately after. If this does not happen, please refrain from sending your funds, there is a virus that detects one address and replaces it with another.

What chain of Binance Coin does it support? BEP2 or BEP20?

Binance Coin has two blockchains.

In the first, the address begins with "bnb" and in the second, the address begins with "0x".

We support the second chain (i.e. Binance Smart Chain BSC) which is a fork of Ethereum. Therefore, the linked addresses and deposit addresses for Binance e FaucetPay they always start with "0x".

Make sure to only send BNB to the deposit address. Other sent tokens or Ethereum will not be credited.

If you want to register, click on the FaucetPay ads, or on the same name. Note: You have to pass the recatchap to go to the official faucet mining page.